Recording Rates:

  • $40.00/hr
  •  2 or more 10 hr lock out in a row $350.00/day  - discount -
  • $50/hr digital editing - rec lectures / audio books
  • $75/hr voice over / podcast
  • $100/hr voice over / video

Booking Minimums:

  • recording / mixx 5 hr
  • recording full band / drums 10 hr
  • digital editing 4 hr
  • voice over / podcast 3 hr

CD & Vinyl Mastering Rates:

  • $45.00 / (1 - 4) 6 min song
  • $40.00 / (5 - 11) 6 min song
  • $35.00 / (12 or more) 6 min song

The Details

  • All weekends or large blocks of time require a deposit and any cancelation within 7 days or less notice forfeits this deposit.
  • Charges begin at the scheduled start time whether band arrives on time or not.
  • No Masters (Hard Drives, Session Files, DVD’s or CD’s) leave the studio until the balance is paid in full.
  • Full payment is due at the end of each session or end of block out without exception.
  • Accepted Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or PayPal. A 3% fee will be added to payments made with Cards or PayPal.

  • Personal checks for deposits only
    -Please make all checks payable to: Richard Marr


Can I show up early?

Please, no. It's set up time for the engineer

Can we work 10 hours straight without a break?

Its important to have ear and sanity breaks.

Should I bring my own amp/drums etc.?

It never hurts to bring the gear you are most comfortable with.
This applies especially to guitars, stomp boxes, kick drum pedals,
snare drums, and cymbals. I have an array of gear (see equipment list)
for use at no extra cost. One thing to keep in mind when recording
on a budget is that I can get good sounds with my gear more quickly.

How can I back up my Pro Tools sessions/files?

I strongly suggest buying your own external Firewire/USB 2.0 drive of
40 gigabytes or more. So you will need some kind of storage solution anyway.
Other options are flash drive or DVD-R backups, which I
provide for $20 apiece and hold 4.4 gigs (usually means 4 songs or less.)

I recommend backing up your data in at least two locations. An external
Firewire/USB 2.0 drive and a few DVD-R's is a good way to do this.

The best deal these days is an external drive from OWC. Remember,
hard drives crash, so make sure you keep everything backed up!

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/dog come along?

Guests can compromise the efficiency of the recording process.
and honestly it gets pretty boring after a while.

Session activities ?

The following activities are all considered to be part of a session:
-microphone and equipment setup
- 1/2 hour worth of dinner / sanity breaks in a 10 hour block
-transfers between analog machines and Pro Tools (in real time)
-transfers between hard drives
-burning CD's/DVD's

If technical problems arise as they sometimes do I either work later
to make up the time or discount the session.

Pro Tools sessions/files
-All bands, engineers and producers are required to purchase
approved hard drives prior to the session.
-We do not archive any sessions.
-After it is completed and backed up it is removed from our drive.

Please try to include notes with your upload that contain the
following information:
-The sequence of your project (track list).
-Spacing between tracks.
-Send your files in a ZIPPED folder.

Open this link in a new window
Galaxy Park Drop Box
and follow the instructions there to upload.